About FreshVisual

We are a team of uniquely qualified, passionate storytellers; including cinematographers, sound mixers, producers, directors, script writers and digital experts with more than two decades of experience in our respective fields. What we offer is world class. With a range from music videos, film production as well as video content for business' needs. Different formats are included within our packages, including TV commercials to short social media promo videos.

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What our clients say


"Thank you Freshvisual for creating beautiful visuals for our Instagram and YouTube. You really helped to uplift our brand and attract more international tour operators"

- NK Villa, Andrea Celly


"Thank you Freshvisual for uplifting our brand. We love all the promo videos you created for us. Looking forward to work with you again"

- Sharazad Boutique Hotel, Francesca Scalfari


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- Time Magazine

Our Offerings

Freshvisual is an African film production house with following offerings: film production, script writing, television commercial production (digital, stills, social media), music video production, documentary production, location sound, post production services (editing, grading, sound design), distribution and video marketing

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